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International – Christ in Cuba

September 2018

Radio is reaching the spiritually thirsty people in Cuba, according to Christian broadcaster Trans World Radio (TWR). Cuba has been through a time of great upheaval, with comings and goings in the relationship with the US, and the final end to the reign of the Castro family.

The political and economic situation brings little hope, but a thousand miles away on the tiny island of Bonaire, a transmitter is broadcasting gospel hope to the whole of Cuba.

In January 2018, international Christian broadcaster TWR switched on the most powerful transmitter in the western hemisphere, located on Bonaire, and in May 2018 started broadcasting the Spanish language version of The Word For You Today (TWFYT), La Palabra de Hoy Para Ti.

TWFYT distributes Bible-based devotionals in 20 languages around the world including in Cuba. With the stronger signal from Bonaire, TWFYT can now broadcast their daily devotionals in audio from Bonaire.

Phil James, director of global development for TWFYT, said, ‘We tried to send the books by postal mail, but the books simply don’t arrive. The internet is scarce and expensive in Cuba. Most people only have internet access in public places, such as hotels and tourist attractions. With the radio signal from Bonaire, we expect to reach more people and connect with more churches’.

Cuban pastor Alex Napoles commented, ‘Ever since the ’90s, churches are packed and there is a big explosion of new Christians. Many Christians in Cuba, however, don’t have access to a Bible. Pastors rarely have the benefit of receiving formal training or attending seminary. Today, pastors will write sermons based on what they have heard on the radio or have read in the devotionals. We have heard pastors saying they use our devotionals to write their sermons. TWR is not political and, with the new strong signal, it cannot be blocked!’

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