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Media – Christian bookshop opens

August 2017

A new Christian bookshop is thriving in Milton Keynes two years after the closure of the old one.

Milton Keynes lost its long-standing bookshop after 25 years, when it closed early in 2015 — just one of many that have closed over the past decade. As Evangelical Times reported in its article, ‘The shop around the corner?’, in September 2012, many Christian bookstore owners have been facing financial pressure and high competition from online sellers.

However, for Milton Keynes, the story was not over. In the providence of God, a local evangelical church offered a church hall. The bookshop that was closing offered their high-quality shelving and a couple with a house overflowing with books were approaching early retirement and offered their services to manage the new shop.

So it was, that three weeks after the sad closure of a long-established Christian bookshop, MK Christian Books opened. Many mercies and many willing hands combined to transform a church hall into a functioning bookshop.

Two years on, it is well stocked with good Christian books and cards. Evangelical and Reformed books are the focus, including a section of over 1000 second-hand Christian books.

The staff work to encourage Bible reading, supplying reading notes and devotional material to churches, as well as providing discounted Bibles to schools. This encouraging report builds on news (as ET reported in November 2016) that a new Christian bookshop has opened on the North Norfolk coast.

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