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Mission – Closure of Christians at Work

January 2018

Christians at Work (CAW), which for the past 75 years has been encouraging Christian fellowship and witness in places of work, has recently closed.

In recent years, its core strategy of forming Christian groups of employees as a base for a witness to their colleagues, has become increasingly difficult to sustain, owing to equality legislation, politically correct management, and public marginalisation of the Christian faith. There has also been a dwindling support base.

Today’s attitude was reflected in a letter CAW received from a major financial services company: ‘Within our office we do not encourage the promotion of any religious or politically driven groups, on the grounds that as an equal opportunities employer this could be seen as creating areas where bias may be an issue’.

The nature of Britain’s work environments still varies greatly, and in workplaces with managements well-disposed towards Christian fellowships, existing groups will continue following the closure.

CAW was founded as the ‘War-Time Christian Union’ in 1942, by Miss Daisy Wright, a banker’s daughter from Woking. After the war, it became the Workers’ Christian Fellowship, and in 1985 changed its name to Christians at Work.

At a recent conference, members thanked God for the past 75 years. Those taking part included Terry Smith, chairman; Rod Badams, past general secretary; and Daniel Donzel, from France. Bible ministry was by Rev. Maurice Roberts from Inverness.

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