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Mission – Riverboat launch for OM

March 2018

Lelystad in the Netherlands witnessed the launch of Operation Mobilisation’s first riverboat, as it sailed to the Netherlands. The highly anticipated voyage was realised after more than two years of planning and groundwork, since mid-2015.

Robert-Jan Sterk, project director of the Riverboat, has been working hard to realise the dream of a Riverboat ministry in OM and believes strongly in its mission.

He said: ‘We are so thankful for the crew and staff onboard, which is made up of about 80 people — people who are passionate about Jesus and reaching out to others. We are seeing breakthroughs daily, and we are so excited about what’s about to happen’.

OM Riverboat’s onboard director, Peter Nicoll, will provide overall spiritual leadership to the team, which includes the leadership and management teams as well as all crew members.

Lawrence Tong, international director and George Verwer, founder of OM, also graced the event of the Riverboat’s maiden voyage. Mr Tong commented, ‘My hope is that every visitor who comes through the Riverboat and participates in its interactive mission experience will be mobilised to serve in missions in one way or another, regardless of whether it’s with OM’.

Future ports visits are expected to take in the Netherlands, Germany and France into the Spring.

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