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Mission – Virtual India

January 2018

Mission India has created a virtual reality (VR) experience of India to bring home the need of gospel work in the country.

The VR video experience is introduced by presenters Josh Williams and Sam Barsar and takes viewers on a tour of various cities across India, before introducing some of the specific projects Mission India are working with.

The headsets are being used at events, conferences and individual churches, and casts the vision to reach the 400 million people in India who still have not heard the gospel.

Andy Milligan, Mission India’s UK director, commented: ‘For many years, we have come alongside churches and missions in every corner of India, equipping them to do the work God has called them to do, so the churches they plant are theirs. But the challenge can often be communicating the vision and the immense need to the UK public in a clear and compelling way.

‘Since we’ve introduced the VR technology, we have seen a huge increase in engagement and clarity about what we do and how folks can get involved’.

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