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Mum sues school for forcing her child to take part in ‘gay pride’ parade

May 2019

Izzy Montague
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A mother, Izzy Montague, is taking legal action against her child’s former school for how they handled her complaint after her child was forced to take part in a ‘gay pride’ parade.

She is being supported by the Christian Legal Centre, which says Mrs Montague has filed a complaint with the County Court against the Governing Body of Heavers Farm Primary School.

She is alleging breach of her parental rights, victimisation and harassment at the hands of the school.

The problems began in June 2018 when the headteacher of Heavers Farm Primary School in south-east London made pupils as young as five take part in a ‘pride’ parade within the school.

Despite numerous complaints from parents, they were informed that no ‘opt-outs’ would be allowed. Parents say that they were misled with incorrect statements of law when they challenged the school.

When Mrs Montague asked to meet the executive headteacher, Ms Susan Papas, to discuss the issue, they were joined at the meeting by the headteacher’s daughter, also a member of staff, who wore a confrontational t-shirt bearing the slogan, ‘Why be racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic, when you can just be quiet?’

Mrs Montague said the school became very antagonistic towards her. ‘It was like being bullied,’ she said.

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