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News – Defence of Calvinism

October 2010 | by Kevin Bidwell

Defence of Calvinism

This November marks the third Defence of Calvinism conference for men at Bawtry Hall, near Doncaster.

     This gathering initially developed from the idea of a young man who was training for the ministry. He expressed the desire for a conference where young men could be exposed to the fundamentals of reformed theology.

     The conference format includes the presentation of such subjects as particular redemption, reformed worship, Christ and the biblical covenants, and the influence of postmodernism on the church’s approach to interpreting the Bible. The sessions are followed by interactive discussion.

     The two previous conferences have drawn men from England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands.

     The conference takes place on Friday-Saturday, 19-20 November (enquiries to: [email protected]).

Kevin Bidwell



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