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News – Exclusive psalmody?

October 2010

Exclusive psalmody?


A Press and Journal article by Alex MacLeod entitled ‘Free Church in “worship wars” dispute’ reports a Free Church of Scotland (FC) conference on 23-24 August, in Dingwall, Scotland, that debated using musical instruments and hymns in worship services. Such a move would be a departure from the longstanding FC policy of exclusive unaccompanied psalmody in worship services.

     Proponents of the changes believe that potential new members and Church of Scotland congregations disaffected by the Kirk’s appointment of a homosexual minister are more likely to choose the FC, if worship services are opened to musical instruments and hymns.

     The FC board of trustees will subsequently make a final recommendation regarding worship music that will be acted upon by a special FC assembly in November 2010 (Presbyterians-Week).

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