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News – Flood relief flights in Uganda

December 2007

Flood relief flights in Uganda

 An estimated 300,000 people have been affected by severe flooding in Uganda. Many bridges and roads have been washed away leaving people cut off from aid. People have been left without food and clean water and at risk of water-borne diseases.

Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF) aircraft have been flying to the worst hit areas. Two flights for Dr Taketo, a visiting Japanese doctor, brought 2000kg of flood relief items to Morulem district, northern Uganda.

The relief packs – containing a mosquito net, ½kg of salt and a bar of soap – were distributed to nearly 1100 families in the village of Aremo in the Morulem district. Many people don’t have mosquito nets and malaria is a serious problem.

Flooding has blocked access by road into this area. One truck took 5 days to travel 55 miles from Lira to Aremo. Others haven’t arrived. Some roads may look passable on the surface but when trucks travel on them, they sink into the road and have to be dug out. MAF aircraft can fly there in 24 minutes.

Dr Taketo explains, ‘The people there have only one meal per day. There is already a lot of malnourishment and the floods make it worse. We met each community under a tree in their area, and then we can look the people in the eyes as we gave out the packs. They said no one had done it like that before’.

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