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News – Get smart on law

March 2010 | by Mike Judge

Get smart on law


Churches and charities are asking questions such as: ‘Can we still insist that the church secretary be a Christian?’; ‘Does the law stop us preaching on certain topics?’ and ‘How should we comply with the Charity Commission’s public benefit rules?’

      This unease, exacerbated by recent legal cases, threatens to constrain Christian witness and ministry. However, there are many laws that protect the religious liberty of churches and charities.

      The Christian Institute is currently running a roadshow providing up-to-date information on the rights and responsibilities of those in Christian leadership.

      The institute wants to dispel some of the myths about what the law actually says, and also cover topics such as public evangelism, the church as employer, best practices, financial issues, and how to deal with the Charity Commission’s requirements.

      After a recent roadshow held in Cardiff, 80 per cent of participants that gave feedback described the briefing as excellent. Places are free of charge for those in leadership of evangelical churches or charities and, so far, more than 800 Christian leaders have signed up.

      Events in March and May will be held in Liverpool, Chessington, Cambridge, Birmingham and London. Full details are on


      Mike Judge


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