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News – LCM reaching the world

October 2007
LCM reaching the world
John Nicholls, chief executive of London City Mission, describes London as a mission hot-spot in the latest issue of LCM’s magazine, Changing London. He says: ‘In London’s old East End, a Russian congregation is now part of the day-to-day life of a local Baptist church.     
‘In Ealing, an Arab church is an integral part of Anglican ministry. In Tooting, a Tamil congregation shares a building with a parish church which itself contains more than twenty different nationalities.
‘In traditional council estates, new African churches are now to be found on almost every parade. London’s churches have the opportunity to reach the world without leaving their postcode area. London is where the world can be evangelised in one place.
‘A gospel ministry in this city can spread, through all the globalised networks of the world economy, in a way that has not been seen since “all roads led to Rome” in the days of Paul’.

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