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News – Teachers back creationism

February 2009

Teachers back creationism


The Guardian and Times Education Supplement (TES) both report increasing openness to discussing creationism in the classroom.

     Following the resignation of Dr Michael Reiss from the Royal Society, the TV station ‘Teachers TV’ carried out a survey on creationism. One of the questions asked was about the government guideline stating: ‘Creationism and intelligent design are not part of the science national curriculum programmes of study and should not be taught as science’. 29% disagreed or strongly disagreed with the guidelines.

     Furthermore (according to The Guardian), ‘Nearly nine in 10 respondents agreed with Reiss that teachers should engage with pupils who raise creationism or intelligent design in science lessons’. According to TES ‘the poll found that 30% of schools already tackle creationism or intelligent design during science lessons’.

     Atheists and secularist are alarmed by the findings and want the government to ban teaching creation from science lessons. John Mackay of Creation Research said, ‘If the evolutionists have to resort to having creation banned, and evolution forced onto students without any discussion, that will be proof that science has failed to support their beliefs. If evolution is science, then it does not need politicians and law courts to enforce its teaching and ban mention of alternatives’.

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