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Persecution: UK – Religious freedom in Britain

April 2018

Christian advocacy organisation Barnabas Fund has called on Christians to sign a petition to encourage the government to implement a new law to protect religious freedom.

Following on from its stated plan to promote freedom of religion and belief, as reported in previous editions of Evangelical Times, Barnabas Fund has warned that ‘intolerance, complacency and uniformity are slowly eroding’ the freedoms Britain has cherished for so long.

In a statement, Barnabas Fund commented: ‘It’s easy to sit back and ignore the damage because, like erosion, it’s not always immediately visible on the surface. But look a little closer and you can begin to see the cracks.

‘When nurses are being sacked for wearing crosses or praying, and students are being kicked off their course for their beliefs, you have to ask yourself how safe these freedoms are. At what point do you act?

‘We are not looking for a quick fix. Erosion needs prevention and that prevention is a new law: a new law, once and for all, to safeguard all aspects of freedom of religion or belief before we lose them, along with freedom of speech’.

Barnabas Fund claims a new law would help everyone, of any religion or belief, or none, and it would protect all people in Britain, allowing them to hold their worldview and beliefs without discrimination or persecution.

The statement added: ‘We want a law that establishes permanent freedom of thought, religion and expression, in line with international agreements and covenants of human rights.

‘It must positively affirm the freedoms to practise, share and change one’s beliefs without government interference or societal persecution. It must also affirm the freedom from being required to support a particular worldview or set of beliefs in order to hold a public sector job, stand for election, work in teaching, healthcare and law, study at university, or give parental care to a child’.

To sign the petition, or to find out more about Barnabas Fund’s ‘Turn the Tide’ campaign, visit

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