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Poland: Court’s abortion ruling protects disabled unborn babies

December 2020

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Poland’s highest court has ruled that abortions on the grounds of disability will no longer be permitted. The Constitutional Tribunal ruled that the current law is unconstitutional.

It is under this law that 98 percent of the country’s abortions are carried out, including for conditions such as Down’s syndrome.

Once the court’s decision comes into effect, abortions will only be permitted in cases of rape, incest, or if the mother’s health is at risk.

In its ruling, the Tribunal stated that ‘the unborn child, as a human being who is entitled to inherent and inalienable dignity, is a subject having the right to life, and the legal system must guarantee due protection for this central good’.

Since the ruling, pro-abortion activists in Poland marched on churches, carrying placards with messages including ‘Let’s pray for the right to abortion’.

Church buildings in Warsaw were defaced with slogans such as ‘unlimited abortions’.

Protestors shouting ‘This is war’ had previously broken lockdown rules to clash with police forces.

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