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Prison encouragements

September 2013

Christian Prison Ministries (CPM) is reporting answers to prayer in its work in London prisons, with prisoners coming to faith and others being established as believers.

Gerard and Philippa Chrispin, who run Farnham-based CPM, hold services and ‘Mark Time’ (Bible) courses in various London prisons on Sundays, with attendance ranging from 25 at a youth offending institution to up to 150 at two services in a large London prison.

The couple describe one prisoner, Mark, 22, as ‘big, strong and quiet’, with no Christian background and serving a long sentence for violent crimes.

He attended a Bible course, but said little for weeks, until one day, after hearing another inmate’s testimony of coming to Christ, he volunteered to speak and said, ‘That has happened to me too — two weeks ago, here!’ In letters to the Chrispins, he writes of being ‘dead inside’ but ‘now alive’.

CPM has a team of two local pastors and a pastoral assistant at HMP Pentonville. The pastors also offer support to men after release. Another pastor leads ‘Mark Time’ at HMP The Verne, Portland, and the Chrispins oversee Mark Time teams at Wormwood Scrubs and Coldingley.

Gerard Chrispin said, ‘The opportunity to preach the gospel is amazing. We are encouraged to have attentive listeners, which is a token of God at work. Officers are present and invariably most of them listen too.

‘The services and weekly Mark Time courses are our core work. All these groups thrill us and the level of discussion is phenomenal. Searching questions are often raised and nearly everyone participates. It is wonderful to see complete outsiders beginning to comprehend the wonder of the gospel’.







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