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Pro-life man appeals against protection notice issued following MP’s complaint

April 2020

Christian Hacking
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A pro-life campaigner has appealed against a community protection order placed on him following complaints from Stella Creasy, MP.

Christian Hacking, 29, was displaying images in Waltham Forest, London, showing the reality of abortion. It was part of a campaign to highlight the extreme views of Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy.

Creasy responded by calling for the activists to be arrested. Waltham Forest Council officers subsequently confiscated pro-life banners and issued Christian Hacking with a Community Protection Notice (CPN).

The CPN would now see him prosecuted if he returns to the borough to display the images. He is appealing against the CPN and is being supported by the Christian Legal Centre.

He said the decision to ban him from displaying the images is ‘deeply chilling for freedom of speech and expression’.

Creasy claims the images could cause ‘distress and/or alarm to members of the public’ and demanded police and local council intervene to prevent Hacking and other pro-life volunteers from publicly criticising her views.

Hacking was issued a Community Protection Notice last October by Waltham Forest Council’s Antisocial Behaviour Service for showing the pictures in the MP’s constituency.

Hacking, who works for the UK arm of the Centre for Biological Research said, ‘If this CPN is upheld it will set a dangerous precedent.’

A ruling in the case is expected to be handed down on 2 April, after this newspaper went to press.

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