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PTS call

January 2013

PTS call

The new Archbishop of Canterbury, Rt Rev. Justin Welby, must teach absolute scriptural truth, the Protestant Truth Society (PTS) has said.
    In a statement at its annual general meeting in London, in November, the PTS called on the new archbishop — the former bishop of Durham — to uphold the articles of faith from the consecration service in the Book of Common Prayer (BCP).
    The BCP service asked: ‘Will you instruct the people committed to your charge and teach or maintain nothing, as necessary to eternal salvation, but that which you shall be persuaded may be concluded and proved by the same?’
    It also asked: ‘Will you faithfully exercise yourself in the Holy S criptures, and call upon God by prayer for the true understanding of the same; so that you may be able by them to teach and exhort with wholesome doctrine, and to withstand and convince the gainsayers?’
    Point by point, the PTS statement goes through the consecration service and urges the new archbishop to ‘be diligent in adhering to these articles’, and offers prayer for God’s grace, that he is strengthened to do so.
    It also reiterates its call for the Government not to pass any legislation to allow
‘homosexual marriage’.

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