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Release report

February 2013

Release report

Egypt has been tipped as one of the hotspots for persecution against Christians during 2013, the latest report from Release International has found.
    The country, which is the most populous in the Arab world, is tipped to see Christian persecution increase. During 2011-2012, it is estimated that up to 100,000 members of the Christian community left Egypt.
    The other hotspots are Iran, Libya, Syria, Tunisia, Eritrea, Nigeria, Sudan/South Sudan, Burma (Myanmar), China, India, North Korea and Pakistan.
    According to a statement from Release partner organisation Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan, ‘Persecution in the country is increasing in leaps and bounds’.
    To help Christians and churches pray for Christians in these regions, Release has produced several DVDs, which can be bought from its e-store at or by phoning 01689 823491.

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