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Religious liberty – Scout master wins settlement

October 2018

Brian Walker
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A scout master who was kicked out of the organisation for raising concerns about its magazine’s promotion of Islam and LGBT events has won a settlement in his case.

Brian Walker, a veteran scout leader, was barred from the scouts after sending a letter to Scouting magazine in which he raised several concerns. He questioned why the Scouting magazine encouraged scouts to visit a mosque, but the magazine’s faith calendar attached no meaning to Christmas or Easter.

He said the magazine should be careful in promoting Islam, given the way the religion treats women and their rights, and he questioned an article that showed a female Muslim scout leader taking girls canoeing wearing her full Islamic veil.

Mr Walker didn’t receive a response to any of his points. Instead, his letter was passed on to seniors within the Scouting movement, and he received a letter telling him that he was expelled with immediate effect.

He took legal action against the movement. The Scout Association failed in an attempt to have his legal challenge struck off and has now agreed to settle his claim. The Christian Legal Centre supported Mr Walker as he challenged his removal.

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