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Rev. J. Glyn Owen (1919-2017)

February 2018 | by Philip Eveson

Rev. Glyn Owen was my minister during the formative years of my life. He and his wife Prudence were also very supportive of my dad and me when my mum died of cancer.

Arguably, the first Evangelical Movement of Wales (EMW) English youth camp was started when Mr Owen sent a group of us young people to the Welsh camp at Glynllifon in 1957, and special English meetings were arranged.

Glyn was born in Woodstock, Pembrokeshire. After leaving school, he became a local newspaper reporter and was converted when his Christian editor sent him to report on an evangelistic mission.

He trained for the Welsh Presbyterian ministry and while at the University College of Wales, Cardiff, he shared the gospel with others, as well as preaching in various evangelistic campaigns in South Wales throughout the summer vacations. During his pastoral year in the Bala Theological College, Glyn helped to forge links between the evangelicals in North and South Wales.

Glyn ministered first in Heath Presbyterian Church, Cardiff (1948-54), then Trinity Presbyterian Church, Wrexham (1954-59), before moving to Berry Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast. In 1969, he was called to succeed Martyn Lloyd-Jones at Westminster Chapel, then moved to Knox Presbyterian Church, Toronto, in 1974.

Mr Owen was very involved in the early years of the EMW, including its ministers’ conference, and he was the first editor of The Evangelical Magazine of Wales, with Elwyn Davies (1955). He often preached at the Keswick Convention and was for many years president of the European Missionary Fellowship.

Glyn Owen could preach powerfully in both Welsh and English, and many were brought to faith in Jesus Christ through his ministry. He encouraged numerous young believers in days when there was little evangelical witness in North Wales.

We send our condolence to Mrs Owen and the three children, Carys, Marilyn and Andrew.

Philip H. Eveson

This obituary first appeared in the January 2018 edition of The Evangelical Magazine (published by the EMW) and is used here by kind permission.

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