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Switzerland: Covid-19 vaccine passports mandated for church services with 50 or more people

November 2021 | by Evangelical Times

Churches in Switzerland are being forced to use vaccine passports for worship services that are attended by 50 or more people.

All of those aged over 16 will be required to show an official certificate of vaccination, proof of having recently recovered from the virus, or proof of a negative test.

The rules will also apply to other indoor venues, including bars, restaurants, and museums.

The Association of Free Churches in Switzerland objects to the measure, saying, ‘Visiting a church service is something elemental for Christians. It is an individual but also communitarian and spiritual experience.’

The group added, ‘Worship services are an expression of the free practice of religion and must not be regulated by identity checks of any kind.’

But the mainline Protestant Reformed Church and the Roman Catholic Church have both supported the new restrictions.

Those who break the rules risk a fine of €92 (£72). The measure is expected to remain in place until 24th January 2022.

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