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Teenager speaks out against police and prosecutors over free speech

February 2021

A teenage girl who is challenging guidance on ‘hate incidents’ has spoken out on the need to protect freedom of speech.

In an interview with the Mail on Sunday, the 14-year-old, known as ‘Miss B’, said the current rules were too stringent.

According to College of Policing rules, when someone alleges a hate crime has taken place, officers must keep a record even where no crime has occurred.

These ‘non-crime hate incidents’ can remain on children’s criminal records, and be viewed by potential future employers.

Miss B succeeded in scheduling a hearing for 12 January to try and secure a judicial review of The Crown Prosecution Services’ membership of The Stonewall Diversity Champions.

The Safe Schools Alliance UK and Fair Cop are supporting her, helping her to crowdfund the £40,000 needed for her legal challenge.

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