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Typhoon Bopha

February 2013

Typhoon Bopha

The clear-up operation is still ongoing in the Philippines after Typhoon Bopha ripped through part of the country, leaving more than 1000 dead, hundreds missing and thousands homeless.
    Various news reports state that government and large aid agencies have been seeking to deal with the relief efforts, but the task is enormous as thousands are left homeless and most have completely lost their livelihood due to the storm.
    Water in wells and other sources has become contaminated and disease is now rife. It is believed that nearly 80,000 people have been staying in evacuation centres.
    The Cubao Reformed Baptist Church put together a small medical team to help with the huge medical needs and supplies were sent to the area. The church has asked for practical and financial help, as well as prayer.
    Jeff Anderson, associate international director for Action International Ministries, said a team has been working in January to help local church leaders with trauma training and relief distribution in the areas affected. He said, ‘Pray for us and our severely afflicted brethren’.
    Typhoon Bopha hit the Philippines on 4 December. Most of the damage occurred in southern Mindanao, particularly the Compostela Valley. According to the BBC, more than 1000 people have died and nearly 850 are missing.
    Most of those unaccounted for are fishermen who went to sea before the storm hit. The Philippines is hit by several typhoons each year, but they usually strike further to the north of the country.

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