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Voting tactics

October 2014

The Evangelical Alliance’s (EA) recent survey aims to ascertain how evangelical Christians will be voting in the next general election, and why.

As part of the survey, which invited an estimated two million evangelicals across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to participate, respondents were tested as to the extent of their involvement in politics.

The survey, which ran until mid-September, also hopes to explore evangelicals’ view of politicians, issues of concern to them, and how their Christian principles influence their vote.

According to the EA, there was much ‘national disenchantment’ earlier this year, which saw a massive swing towards the UK Independence Party (UKIP) in council and European Union elections.

Steve Clifford, EA general director, said, ‘We want to know which issues actually influence how evangelicals vote. Are they as disenchanted as the rest of the population? Do they pray about who to vote for? And do they have strong opinions about who Jesus would vote for if he lived in the UK today?’

He said the EA was ‘passionate’ about encouraging Christians to engage in public life, adding: ‘This survey offers food for thought for all of us, who may not have stopped and thought in detail about why we vote how we do, or been encouraged by our churches to get involved in political issues’.


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