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War of words

September 2014

The Israeli ambassador has written to Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrat party and deputy Prime Minister, after a LibDem politician claimed he would be tempted to fire at Israel.

In an open letter, seen by Evangelical Times, Daniel Taub, the Israeli ambassador, called on Mr Clegg to take action, after comments made on Twitter by David Ward, MP for Bradford East.

Mr Ward posted the following on the social media site: ‘The big question is, if I lived in Gaza would I fire a rocket? — probably yes’.

He also paraphrased a comment made by former President Kennedy of Cold War Berlin, by adding: ‘Ich bin ein Palestinian. The West must make up its mind — which side is it on?’

Mr Taub said these comments were not appropriate for a member of the British parliament to make and had incensed the Jewish community in Britain.

In his letter, which called for Mr Clegg to remove Mr Ward from office, Mr Taub wrote: ‘There is much to discuss on the Israel-Palestinian issue in general. But there surely can be no discussion among right-thinking people that seeks to justify rocket or other attacks by terrorist groups on innocent civilians’.




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