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Sudan: Couple on trial for converting

Sudan: Couple on trial for converting
Meriam Ibrahim via Amnesty International
ET staff writer
ET staff writer
23 June, 2022 1 min read

A married Sudanese couple – Nada and her husband Hamouda – are on trial after converting to Christianity.

Despite the decriminalisation of apostasy in the country, they have been accused with ‘baseless charges’.

If found guilty, they may be punished by 100 lashes each, while Hamouda could be forced to leave Sudan.

Although international and Sudanese law protect people’s right to choose and live out their faith, converts to Christianity still face severe pressure and threats in Sudan.

In 2014, another Sudanese woman, Meriam Ibrahim, was sentenced to death for apostasy under Sudan’s Sharia law because she was married to a Christian.

At eight months pregnant, she was flogged and imprisoned – during which time she gave birth in jail – but was released in 2018 and now lives in the US.

ET staff writer
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