Synthetic Christianity

Synthetic Christianity
Portrait of Hegel | Wikipedia
Dewey Roberts
Dewey Roberts Pastor of Cornerstone Presbyterian Curch, Destin, Florida.
30 August, 2023 4 min read

Georg William Frederick Hegel (1770–1831) was a German philosopher whose dialectical method has become the dominant thought pattern for most people in the world today – including so-called evangelical pastors and theologians in the United States.

His methodology is non-evangelical to the core and it is a dangerous inconsistency for any Christian to hold to it. It amounts to the denial of absolute truth. Most Christians and most pastors/theologians would deny Hegel’s dialectical method. Sadly, they still think according to Hegelian dialecticism nonetheless.

So, what is Hegel’s dialectical method? The old methodology was to think in terms of truth and error; right and wrong; pros and cons. Hegel changed that way of thinking by offering a third way – the synthesis of the thesis and antithesis. Hegel’s synthesis becomes a higher truth and a new truth which replaces the old stalemate of thesis and antithesis.

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