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February 2018
Articles > Historical

Isaac Levinsohn — the story of a Russian/Polish Jew’s search for forgiveness

Isaac Levinsohn was born in the town of Kovno in Russia (now Kaunas, Lithuania) in 1855. His parents were devout Jews, regulars at the synagogue and fasting two days a week. At the age of five, Isaac’s father taught him Hebrew, and to pray three times each day. Soon he was studying the Talmud,…

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June 1998
Articles > World Mission > Europe > Northern Europe > United Kingdom

World-views in collision

Reaching Orthodox Jews in Great Britain with the gospel Traditionally, Orthodox Jews have been most hostile to the gospel. With their distinctive black garb, sidelocks and luxuriant facial hair, the Hasidim have become Jewish cultural icons. Tradition and a history of suffering at the hands of the professing church have hardened this conspicuous minority…

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May 1998
Articles > World Mission > Asia > Western Asia > Israel

Twenty years of mercy

Elders of the Grace and Truth Christian congregation reflect on how God has led them. Over the years, God has blessed the church, the Body of Christ in Israel, as well as our own congregation. We are here through the merits of Jesus the Messiah, our Lord and Saviour. It is our privilege to…

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