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June 2013 | by Andrew Rowell

The ET newsletter is now being sent out once each month, in the middle of the month, to everyone who subscribes for it. This newsletter does not replace your usual monthly hard copy ET delivered to your church or by ordinary post (the normal ET is also available as online pdfs, to those specifically subscribing for it through the ET web site).

     The newsletter is free of charge, and in each issue there is a selection of interesting articles, current news and other items.

     In addition, it contains three special features that you may find helpful. Two of these we hope will provide useful resources for church prayer meetings. The first is a list of possible prayer topics and the second is a set of resources to encourage prayer for a particular country. These resources include a PowerPoint presentation, which introduces the country and provides prayer points for that country.


     The third is a selection of resources useful for young people and youth group leaders. We hope to develop a resource library for church youth groups over time. Each month there is a PowerPoint presentation suitable for a youth group talk, based around a question from the Westminster Shorter Catechism (see p.26 of this ET hard copy issue).






Each newsletter also provides links to details of upcoming events.

     To sign up for the ET newsletter, please go to our web site and click on the link on the homepage:

Andrew Rowell

Editor of online ET

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