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May 2013

There have been continued attacks on professing Christians in Pakistan during April, the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) has claimed.

     In a newsletter, the BPCA claimed that a ‘Christian colony’ in Gujranwala had been attacked by a violent Muslim mob on 3 April and Christians retaliated with weapons. The mob damaged shops, houses and vehicles belonging to local Christians, following a clash between the youths of the two communities.

     Eyewitnesses were reported as saying that two boys from the Christian community were confronted by local Muslims boys for playing Christian songs, while travelling in a motorcycle-led rickshaw. The incident escalated and a stand-off occurred.

     A local church pastor is quoted as saying, ‘We saw a police mobile vehicle in the area at a check post. Although parked in the vicinity the police vehicle did not intervene, and let the mob damage our property.

     ‘The mob dispersed after local Christians took out their weapons and started firing in the air to deter them. Then the police took action and resorted to aerial firing and hurling stones indiscriminately at the mob to disperse it. The mob also pelted stones back at the police’.







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