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News – Ordination at East Leake

January 2011 | by Roger Hitchings

Ordination at East Leake

Summing up the ordination of Paul Brunning at East Leake Evangelical Church, the church said, ‘Throughout, we have had the wonderful sense of God’s mighty, yet gracious, hand at work. The Lord has given us his joy and spiritual anticipation for the future as we come to this day. May all the glory belong to God for his leading of us as a church’.

     On Saturday 2 October, a large crowd had gathered, with many travelling considerable distances, and the village hall in East Leake where the church meets was almost full to overflowing.

     East Leake Evangelical Church was founded 25 years ago, and 2010 has seen both that landmark celebrated and the thrilling development of the appointment of its third pastor during that time.

     Mr Brunning was called to the church at East Leake after having preached there several times and after spending three weeks on placement as part of his London Theological Seminary training.

     The seriousness and significance of the pastoral office was brought home to everyone present as Mr Brunning answered a series of questions and as he and the church made solemn promises to God and each other.

     Pastor Ken McIntosh from Horsley Evangelical Church, Mr Brunning’s home church, brought powerful and helpful ministry from 1 Timothy 4:16. Alongside the elders of the church, Robert Strivens, from London Theological Seminary, also took part.

     Many leaving the service remarked how not only had the afternoon been a time of blessing and encouragement, but it had also reminded them of the importance of the pastor’s work and their duty to love and care for their own pastor. We thank God for all his great grace to us on this day.

Roger Hitchings


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