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December 1998 | by Bob Dickie

We have been visiting Southern India for the past six years. The province we go to is called Andra Pradesh, which has a population of approximately 65 million. As in all of India, the major religion is Hinduism. We have been working with a group called the India Rural Evangelical Fellowship. This ministry has been greatly influenced by those with truly biblical convictions.

My involvement with this group came as a result of Dr John Armstrong’s recommendation. I have been trying to teach the Indian pastors and evangelists the gospel of God’s sovereign grace in Christ. I have also been trying to show them the importance of a Christ-centred ministry. So far it appears that my ministry has been well received. There are over three hundred churches established in this province and they have started a Christian school and orphanage, which ministers to several thousands of students and children. They also support over one hundred full-time evangelists who are involved in church planting.

Each January and February, a team goes over to these people to preach the gospel and to teach them the Word of God. These meetings are very well received and are attended by five to six thousand people. It is difficult to know how much they understand, but I do know that many of them are openly pleased with our emphasis on the gospel of God’s sovereign grace. It appears that a good number of these dear people have come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus.

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