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August 2002

Perspectives in Christian music (2)

Last month we looked at the biblical principles and theology that ought to govern our use of music in worship.…

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August 2002

A false sense of security

Recently I picked up a little booklet entitled What about other Religions? by Nicky Gumbel. Advertising itself as an 'Alpha…


4. The geography of glory (part 2) (Revelation 21:1-21) Last month we began to consider what I called 'the geography…

Too Reformed for tears?

Is the entire world one big joke? If some of the things we see and hear are real, we might…

August 2002

Guest Column

Godliness in working clothes'Godliness' sounds very old-fashioned, and modern translators find great difficulty in providing a suitable alternative. 'Religion', 'reverence'…

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