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February 2001


Worship and worldlinessLast month we considered the pragmatism that underlies the church-growth and Willow Creek movements; that is, the idea…

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February 2001

MISSIONARY SPOTLIGHT-A missionary in Malta

44 years ago, while teaching journalism and serving as director of the News Bureau at Whittier College in California, I…

February 2001

The throne of grace

Coming boldlyLast month we began to look at Hebrews 4:14-16. We saw that Christ exercises his high priesthood both by…

February 2001

A sure foundation

Responding to Archbishop CareyIt is rare for a sermon to reach the front page of a national daily newspaper, but…

February 2001

Christ and his church

MarriageIn ancient Jewish wedding custom, at least a year passed between betrothal and marriage, and during this time the bride…

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