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July 2008

In God’s name

In God's nameWere you watching ITV's Channel 4 on Monday 19 May at 8pm? If so, you would have seen…

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Review – The gods of war –…

The gods of war: is religion the primary cause of violent conflict? Meic Pearse IVP; 231 pages; £9.99; ISBN: 978-1-84474-226-4…


July 2008

Youth Supplement – School CUs; why bother?

School CUs; why bother?All over the country there are hundreds of Christian Unions in schools and colleges. They rarely get…


July 2008

News – Bulkington induction

Bulkington induction A three year vacancy in the pastorate of Bulkington Congregational Church, near Nuneaton in Warwickshire, came to an…


Youth Supplement – Why pray?

Why pray? If God knows everything, why should we ask him for things he already knows we need? The Bible…

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