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June 2009

The last enemy

The last enemy As the weeks have rolled on since Easter, with its glad remembrance of the Saviour's triumph over death,…

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June 2009

News – Albanian conference

Albanian conference  In March, for the third time, we joined Grace Church in Tirana for a joint Fjala and Shepherd's…

June 2009

Summer reading

Summer reading Summer reading is important to the book trade because publishers know people like to take a book on holiday.…

June 2009

News – A tribute to Jim Gough…

A tribute to Jim Gough (1942–2009) Shelby and I met Jim and Eileen Gough two years ago in England. Our hearts…

June 2009

News – Poverty is killing children

Poverty is killing children More than 25,000 young children die each day across the world, yet most of these deaths are…

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