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June 2012


PakistanChristian girls in Pakistan have been raped and trapped into becoming Muslims through forced marriage, a report from independent newsletter…

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June 2012

Was it worth it?

Was it worth it?The southern edge of the Sahara Desert is a mysterious land with a striking landscape. Black volcanic…


June 2012

Wedding trends

Wedding trendsPeople are increasingly likely to pick a partner similar to themselves, according to research by the Institute for Public…


June 2012

Avoiding silly mistakes

Avoiding silly mistakesPeople who claim to believe the Bible can still manage to draw false deductions from it. Over the…


Charity CD

Charity CD Philippa Woodcraft, a member of Potton Baptist Church, Bedfordshire, who was born blind, has produced a CD of…

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Excellence in Preaching
Simon Vibert

What makes some preaching gripping - unforgettable even? What can we learn from the best preachers? How can we appreciate great preaching, often at the click of a mouse, without devaluing the role of the local church minister? 'Without creating…

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Strong and Courageous – Joshua simply explained
John D Currid

Clearly the central theme of the book of Joshua is the truth that God is a promise-keeper. Well over five hundred years before these recorded events God pledged to Abraham that ‘to your offspring I will give this land'. The…

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Serving God’s Words
Ed Paul A Barker et al

The ministry of 'serving God's words' in the Christian church has numerous aspects, including exposition of the Bible, systematic and historical theology, church history, and the practice of pastoral ministry. This stimulating and helpful volume begins with perspectives on preaching…

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The Love of Christ
Richard Sibbes

The Puritan John Dod wrote that this book is ‘so full of heavenly treasure, and such lively expressions of the invaluable riches of the love of Christ’ that it kindles ‘in the heart all heavenly affections unto Jesus Christ’. Indeed…