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October 2000

Two Thousand Years of Christianity

6.  Modern timesWe return to Martin Luther’s country, Germany. Three hundred years have passed since the great Reformer registered his…

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October 2000

Glasgow outreach

The opening year of the new millennium is nearly over. The celebrations, festivals and political agendas that declared the dawn…

October 2000

Guest column

In Tombstone, Arizona, there is a cemetery dating from cowboy days called Boot Hill. On one of the grave-markers is…

October 2000

Missionary Spotlight – Fact File – Peru

Fact File - PeruArea: 496,225 square miles.Neighbouring countries:Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile. Environment:An arid coastal plain extends down Peru.…

October 2000

Revive us again

One of the greatest benefits of reading church history is the illumination of the present that it provides. Many of…

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