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Spotlight on Portugal

Features The country covers 92,000 sq. km. (including the overseas territories of Azores and Madeira). It has a population of…

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Of whom the world was not worthy…

Robert Thomas and his wife faced a hazardous future as they contemplated sailing to China as missionaries in 1863. Few…


Sojourner probes the surface of Mars

After seven months travelling through space, NASA's Mars Pathfinder Mission achieved a successful landing on the surface of the red…


Missionary Spotlight – Portugal

The influence of the Reformation, which had such an effect on other parts of Europe and the world, did not…


What is true revival?

Every true believer desires to proclaim the gospel to all and see evidences of a work of the Holy Spirit…

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Just As I Am: The autobiography of Billy Graham
Billy Graham

Born in 1918, and now almost eighty years old, Billy Graham straddles the century. He has been described as a twentieth-century phenomenon. Billy Graham is the product of Bob Jones University, Florida Bible Institute and then Wheaton College, Illinois. He…

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