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September 2009

Review – Habakkuk: a wrestler with God…

Habakkuk: a wrestler with God Walter J. ChantryBanner of Truth; 100 pages; £5.50; ISBN: 978-0-85151-995-1 This is a great little book about…

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September 2009

Comment – Swine flu

Swine flu Swine flu has rapidly spread around the world after emerging in Mexico last year. Experts anticipate that millions more…

September 2009

News – The harvest is plentiful

The harvest is plentiful  Farming Christian Link (FCL), a mission to the rural community, is receiving many requests for Christian…

September 2009

News – Alcohol ‘worst UK drug’

Alcohol 'worst UK drug'  Nearly 33,000 people in the UK die from alcohol-related causes each year - ten times as…

September 2009

News – Lowestoft air festival

Lowestoft air festival Lowestoft's seafront air festival in Suffolk is now the seventh largest in Europe, offering a spectacular two-day display.…

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