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Coronavirus Pandemic – Special Arrangements

April 2020 | by Andrew Rowell

Coronavirus Crisis
For the duration of the coronavirus crisis, we have a new telephone number.
020 8054 6937

This is a situation of extraordinary difficulty but also of many unusual opportunities to demonstrate love, compassion, kindness and the good news of Jesus. We want to use the resources that we have to the glory of God and to help believers and churches.

Live service feeds

We have modified our church database to include the basic details for any live streaming that may be occurring. If you are a Church editor you can logon to our website and add these details to your church entry. They will appear on the relevant church page and will also be listed here on our website:

Church events
The current events in the database may need drastically changing but we want to use this system to spread news about what churches and believers are doing to help one another and their communities.

ET email newsletter

We may need to increase the frequency of these previously monthly email newsletters as the current situation is changing so rapidly. We trust you will understand this need. If this becomes burdensome there is an unsubscribe link in each email that you can use.

Holiday churches
We do not know at this point what will happen with the 2020 Holiday Churches listing. It will probably be delayed to a later month.

Printed copies of Evangelical Times
For the April edition we were going to press in the midst of a rapidly changing situation with two members of staff quarantined!

The arrangements for the delivery and circulation of this edition could not therefore be changed.

For the May edition we anticipate that there may be some situations where people will want an individual postal subscription rather than one which would have normally been handed out at a church service.

We would like to be able to do this where it is needed but there will obviously be administrative and cost implications. We will do our best to be flexible with this.

If this is the case please let us know using the form on the website here:

Online subscriptions
For anyone who normally has a printed copy of Evangelical Times we are willing to provide a free Online Subscription for the duration of the coronavirus epidemic. All we need for this is an email address.
For this to be set up please use this form:

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