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International – Kenyan attacks

January 2017

Christians have suffered a series of attacks in Mandera, north-east Kenya, last year at the hands of al-Shabaab Islamist militants.

Twelve were killed when the Islamist group attacked a guesthouse. Earlier in the month, another al-Shabaab attack in the same town killed six Christians in a residential compound. 

A contact told advocacy organisation Barnabas Fund, ‘We, the Christian community in the region, are living in fear of attack. The security forces appear to be unable to protect us from these targeted attacks, two in a month’.

Al-Shabaab, which rose to prominence in 2006 in Somalia, is fighting to establish an Islamic state in Somalia and neighbouring regions with significant ethnic Somali populations, such as north-east Kenya.

According to Barnabas Fund’s contact, ‘The fear among Christians here is now visible and can be easily felt. Please pray for us’.


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