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Whitby anniversary

September 2013 | by Graham Hilton

Whitby Evangelical Church (WEC) celebrated its 40th anniversary on Saturday 29 June with a thanksgiving tea.

The church was formed on 28 June 1973, when a small group of Christians living in the Whitby area came together under the leading of Rev. Peter Brumby. 

WEC grew out of a period of blessing in the local Methodist circuit and met the need to plant a biblical church in Whitby that faithfully preached the gospel. Since then, the church has prospered, witnessing to the local community and many holiday visitors.

The thanksgiving tea was attended by 150 people from local churches and towns. After the food there were testimonies from several people.

Jean Brumby, wife of the late Peter Brumby, remembered the remarkable work of the Lord from the church’s small beginnings. She recalled several marks of his grace in those early years.

Janet Kemp, the church’s first convert, gave testimony next. She was converted in 1971, two years before the formation of WEC. The first baptism service saw 20 believers baptised.

The day following the anniversary John Tindall preached the Word at the regular Sunday services and the congregation was blessed as he spoke from Luke 9.

During the morning service, the local MP, Robert Goodwill, was interviewed. Mr Goodwill has listened to Christians in the area on issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage. John Tindall prayed for him and all MPs that they may have wisdom and understand the importance of not changing the foundational Christian values of our nation.

WEC is searching for a pastor. This anniversary has been a reminder to continue as we started — with total reliance on the Lord. Psalm 126:3 featured during this thanksgiving: ‘The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy’; and verse 5, ‘Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy’.

Graham Hilton 




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