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Prophecy Today: A Further Word from God?

The Christian world moves from one bizarre scene to another – following manic laughter in Toronto, we now have angelic surgery in Florida. Against the background of the confusing times in which we live, there is a great need for a sober and soundly biblical treatment of one of the phenomena that is part…

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August 2001
Articles > Biblical/theological

Whither the Charismatic movement?

Evangelicalism is being rent asunder by a new liberalism in the academic world and, in the churches, by the Pentecostal-Charismatic movement. The latter, obsessed with theological novelty, has fallen into heresey, most notably in the form of the Toronto Blessing and 'Word Faith' teaching. Beginnings Modern Pentecostalism is only about a century old. Outbreaks…

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June 2001
Articles > Ecclesiological & Pastoral

Charismatic Confusion

The charismatic movement, which has swept through the Protestant churches in the last forty years, has presented a formidable challenge to Reformed, Evangelical Christianity. The problem has been how to evaluate it. Is it, or is it not, of God? The question still remains unanswered for many. They suspend judgement because they have no…

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September 1999
Articles > Historical

Evangelical Spirituality

In 1994 the British Library paid well over two million dollars for a book which Dr Brian Lang, the chief executive of the library at the time, described as ‘certainly the most important acquisition in our 240-year history’. The book? A copy of the New Testament. Of course, it was not just any copy.…

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