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January 2020
Articles > Comment

Free speech is our freedom to preach the gospel

Free speech is more than just a civil liberty. For us as evangelicals, it’s our freedom to tell people the good news of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we welcome the settlement between Cumbria Police and street preacher Dale Mcalpine. Yes, there are some cranky street preachers out there who make us all wince. But many…

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January 2019
Reviews > Book

Scripture Reading to the end

Most of us will be familiar with the ministry of the Army Scripture Readers working under the auspices of SASRA (Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Scripture Readers Association). They have been faithfully witnessing for Christ for almost 200 years. Scripture Reading to the End is one of three books published in the 100th anniversary year of…

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May 2018
Articles > Historical

Billy Graham: 1918 – 2018 (part one 1918 – 1949)

Billy Graham’s death on 21 February brought to a close one of the most remarkable Christian lives of the 20th Century. In 1983, when US President Ronald Reagan presented the evangelist with the Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in America, he said, ‘His contribution to the wellbeing of the human race is…

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March 2018
News > Church news

Faithful ministry

Evangelical churches in the UK currently face the challenge of maintaining gospel proclamation, as well as defending scriptural principles and teaching against attacks from all sides. According to evangelical organisations and gospel partnerships, traditional, Bible-believing congregations across the UK are not just facing the ongoing challenge ‘to do the work of an evangelist’, but…

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November 2013
Articles > World Mission

Who can track a tract?

Over a century ago, the founder of the Hawes Creamery (famous for Wensleydale Cheese) was a teenager when he noticed a piece of paper on the street in Hawes. Inquisitively, he picked it up, read it and was converted to Christ. The discarded tract had done its work. James Hudson Taylor, pioneer missionary to…

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October 1997
Articles > World Mission > Americas > South America > Brazil

The Gospel of Brazil

There are local ministries in Brazil that are becoming increasingly acquainted with the doctrines of grace through the publication in Portuguese of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ works. The book Preaching and Preachers immediately and completely revolutionized the ministry of one of our acquaintances who is a local pastor. The writer can certainly testify that sitting…

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September 1997
Reviews > Book

Billy Graham:’Just as I am’

Born in 1918, and now almost eighty years old, Billy Graham straddles the century. He has been described as a twentieth-century phenomenon. Billy Graham is the product of Bob Jones University, Florida Bible Institute and then Wheaton College, Illinois. He was ordained as a Southern Baptist pastor and soon after became the first ‘evangelist’…

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