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November 2019
News > International

Nigeria: Fulani crisis worsens

Christians are being systematically wiped out in the north of Nigeria, while pastors and church leaders are being killed and kidnapped. The United Nations has claimed that religious violence in the African country is ‘spiralling out of control’, describing a ‘pressure cooker of injustice’ in Nigeria. Release International has warned that the Fulani militia…

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January 2019
Articles > World Mission > Europe > Western Europe > France

Islamism on the rise in France

‘The lost territories of the Republic’: this is how entire French suburbs plagued by violence and various gangs are now known. In French, the word banlieues is equivalent to the Anglo-Saxon ‘inner cities’, with their related social problems. Police forces, insufficient and inadequate in terms of numbers and equipment, do not even dare to…

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November 2017
Articles > World Mission > Asia

Increased persecution in the Maldives

Christians in the Maldives have few rights, but until now at least the courts would protect those rights. Now, however, the government is increasingly controlling the courts and simply ignoring the law, leaving Christians in an even more vulnerable state. The Maldivian government has just suspended one-third of all lawyers in the islands, after they tried…

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