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February 2019
News > Church news

New building in Ealing for the International Presbyterian Church

The International Presbyterian Church recently opened a new building in Ealing. The IPC was founded in 1969, having emerged from the work of L’Abri. In 1979, it acquired St Helena Chapel which provided a wonderful home for the next 25 years. In the course of time, plans for redevelopment were needed but were slow…

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June 2013

Edith Schaeffer (1914-2013)

Christian author Edith Schaeffer, co-founder of L’Abri Fellowship, has died at the age of  98. The author of 17 books, and widow of pastor and author Francis Schaeffer, she was born in 1914 to missionary parents in Wenzhou, China.      She met her husband-to-be at the First Presbyterian Church in Germantown, Philadelphia, in 1932.…

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November 2012
Reviews > Book

Bitesize Biography – Francis Schaeffer

Bitesize Biographies: Francis Schaeffer Mostyn Roberts EP Books 144 pages, £5.99 ISBN: 978-0-85234-792-8 Star rating: 4 stars   As a young believer I purchased The Complete Works of Francis Schaeffer. In my lunch breaks at work I began to make my way through the five brightly coloured volumes. Volume 1 contained the seminal trilogy,…

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Francis Schaeffer


February 2010
Articles > Historical

Francis Schaeffer

Francis Schaeffer Anthony Oughton The burden of this article is to offer a positive appraisal of Schaeffer's life and ministry, and their influence on those who came into contact with him. This is in the belief that some British evangelicals may not have properly understood Schaeffer's work. In a recent editorial from a well-known evangelical publication, Francis…

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