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February 2020
Reviews > Book

The Subversive Puritan: Roger Williams and freedom of conscience

Despite his statue featuring on Geneva’s famous Reformation Wall, Roger Williams (1603-83) is better remembered today by secular historians than by evangelical believers. The Subversive Puritan should help to redress this. The title is apposite. Williams’ theology was thoroughly Reformed, but his unbending belief in liberty of conscience made him a dangerous extremist in…

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November 1997
Articles > Historical

Of whom the world was not worthy – Ezekiel Rogers – God’s poor exile

Rowley Manor in Yorkshire is an idyllic venue for a wedding reception. Approached along a tree-lined glade, its spacious rooms and sweeping lawns, surrounded by peaceful pastureland, convey an air of tranquility. But it was not always so. If we were to travel back in time some three hundred and fifty years, a picture…

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