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March 2020
News > International

India: Court to hear case on minority Dalit rights

A legal challenge filed 16 years ago to the Indian Supreme Court in New Delhi is finally about to receive a hearing. The challenge is against a 1950 presidential order, which bars Dalit Christians and Muslims from receiving the same basic rights as Dalits who are Hindu, Sikh, or Buddhist. In Sanskrit, Dalit means…

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March 2018
Articles > Scientific (including creation)

Should robots have rights?

Astonishing as it may seem, some people believe that robots should have rights. Yes, I really mean it. They think that the up-and-coming generation of ‘intelligent machines’ that will do the housework, weed the garden and politely attend to your every wish should be treated with proper respect. In May 2017, the European Parliament…

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April 2000
Articles > Evangelistic

Are We Wrong to have Rights

Christian Ministries evangelist John Blanchard has written a major treatment of the subjects of atheism and agnosticism. His intention is to help Christians cope with the rising tide of scepticism in today's society. The result is a 656-page hardback, Does God Believe in Atheists? which Evangelical Press has already called its 'Book of the…

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