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July 2018
Reviews > Book

Determined to Believe: The Sovereignty of God, Freedom, Faith, and Human Responsibility

Lennox is a professor of mathematics at Oxford University and has become well known in evangelical circles for his books and debates with atheists. One tribute honours him as ‘one of today’s finest evangelical minds’. Lennox states that his objective in writing is ‘to challenge deterministic arguments that claim to be based on something…

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February 1999
Articles > Biblical/theological

The five points of Calvinism: Part 1

People today don't like 'tags'. 'Calvinism' is seen to be one such tag that can be jettisoned for, it is said, we are not to follow men but only God. There is of course plausibility in such an argument. We do not follow men. Yet, in writing to the Thessalonian Christians, Paul says 'you…

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